Monday, August 19, 2013

The truth is better than a lie in the long haul of helping animals

I believe that it's a sorry idea to help animals using these tactics:

  • showing horrendous films of slaughter
  • scaring the people with the fear of heart disease
  • promising people with glorious health

Why? Because it's the fear and carrot dangling tactics employed by religion. Religion sucks. (Buddhism is not a religion!)

And the last two points are lies (see links at the bottom).

Most people, or anyone I'd like to know, reject fear tactics at some point in their life.

Plus, when some individuals experience health issues from some version of a vegan diet such as hair loss, tooth decay, and depression (which I feel is the worst of all), they are likely to never come back to a vegan diet or anything close.

Depression affects so many things, so being depressed can be excruciating all by itself, even if you don't get cavities, hair loss, or other health issues.

I believe that if you want a lot of people to reduce animal product consumption, appeal to the hearts of humans with the truth in a matter of fact way or pleasant way:
  • Show cute pictures of pigs, cows, chickens (especially chickens) with messages like:
    Image of Chicks, Piglets, and Kittens (cute explosion)
    I love animals so I am exploring more meat free options these days.
            — Some person
  • Explain that there is no one-size-fits all diet for anyone, we are all different inside.
  • Encourage experimenting with your current diet to reduce meat, dairy, eggs as much as you can without affecting your health and adding more dark leafy greens.
  • Talk about how being purest & holier-than-thou is not good for animals or gaining friends.
  • Use coconut fat (1-2 tbs a day).
  • Remove sugar and fake sugar*.
  • Don't use the word vegan or vegetarian, use the term "animal friendly lifestyle".
Removing sugar actually will reduce heart disease risk.

Learn about sugar and the great cholesterol con.


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